Summary of the Board of Education Meeting on June 2, 2021

The June 2, 2021 meeting of the Board of Education began with the following announcements out of Closed Session.

  • The Board took action on two workers’ compensation claims.
  • The Board took action to promote Floridia Cheung, Coordinator at Career Technical Education to Principal at Design Science Middle College High School.
  • The Board took action to appoint Patrick Jensen, Administrative Analyst to Administrator at Office of the Superintendent.
  • The Board took action to appoint Jeremy Ward, Executive Officer at School Leadership to Assistant Superintendent at College and Career Readiness.
  • The Board took action to appoint Ambra O’Connor, Executive Officer to Executive at Department of Prevention and Intervention.

Next, Superintendent Nelson provided a brief report to the Board of Education, including:

  • Superintendent Nelson started by sharing that with this month being LGBTQ+ Pride Month, we want to share our appreciation for our LGBTQ+ students, families, staff and allies. Supported by our board, we firmly believe that all schools should be safe and inclusive places where students, families and staff feel accepted, respected, and welcomed. To that end, district staff is committed to doing the work every day to ensure our students and their families are supported. To date, over 1,100 district staff members in various roles have received learning on Gender Diversity & LGBTQ+ Cultural Responsiveness, including the board of education, district leaders, school administrators, counselors, school social workers, nurses, teachers, classified employees and support staff. A System of high-quality and best practice consultation was established so that staff can access supports and services to better meet the needs of the district’s gender diverse and LGBTQ+ families. The new support team website is also a place where students and families can request help with supports and resources. You can find more about LGBTQ+ supports and resources by visiting our Department of Prevention and Intervention website.    
  • Next, the Superintendent shared that last Friday he was joined by several members of our Board of Education as we announced our plans for returning full time, five days a week next school year beginning Thursday, August 12, that is two days earlier than traditional. As part of our Pandemic Recovery Plan next school year, students will receive additional 30 minutes per day of instruction in the first semester to address literacy and math. High schools will offer expanded options for credit recovery and English learner support all year and middle schools will have additional English learner supports all year. Extra teachers will be added in targeted areas, and social emotional support and health services staff will be added. After school programs will also be expanded and per the board’s approval on June 16, our extended instructional calendar will highlight three additional buy back days providing staff with new professional learning opportunities. We know that this past year of mostly virtual learning has not been easy, and this comprehensive plan I conjunction  with our I-Ready tool, add additional supports and resources to not only identify unfinished learning, but to address it as well. For more information about last week’s announcement, please visit the district website.
  • Superintendent Nelson shared that as we head into these last two weeks of school, we have a lot to celebrate. As the winners of the 2021 FUSD Elementary Minecraft eSports League, Figarden Elementary School has earned the opportunity to represent Fresno Unified and the United States in the first-ever Minecraft eSports International Battle. The battle will take place Friday, June 4, 2021 from 8-10a.m. It will be viewable as a Teams Live Event. Please support the Figarden team as it battles CURRO South Africa for the tittle of the 2021 Minecraft eSports World.
  • Last, Superintendent Nelson took a couple of minutes to share that 6 years ago, under the leadership of Assistant Superintendent Holland Locker and Goal 2, our very first African American Student Leadership Academy was formed. College-bound students at the end of 7th grade are identified and provided supports and mentoring to ensure they are UC ready upon graduation. I am pleased to share that 36 students from that original cohort are graduating high school between now and June 9th with nearly 40% graduating with a 3.0 or better. Congratulations to this special group of students for their remarkable work. Also, thank you to all the caring adults who have been serving as their mentors, cheerleaders and an overall support team this last six years – thanks to that ongoing commitment, you have helped this group achieve their greatest potential.

Next, the Board of Education took the following action on the below consent agenda items:

  • Approved Personnel List
  • Adopted Findings of Fact and Recommendations of District Administrative Board
  • Approved Minutes from Prior Meeting
  • Approved Agreement with Camp Oakhurst for High School Summer Leadership Camp
  • Approved Agreement with Swun Math
  • Approved Agreement with The New Teacher Project Good 2 Great Summer Math Academy
  • Approved Position and Adopted Revised Job Description for Executive Director, Health Services and Revised Management Salary Schedule
  • Approved Agreement with California Office to Reform Education for Shared Principal II Services by Maria Lynn Rocha Salazar as a Fresno Unified Employee on Loan to California Office to Reform Education
  • Approved Amendment No. 1 to Kim Mecum’s Employment Agreement as Chief Academic Officer
  • Approved Amendment No. 2 to Paul Idsvoog’s Employment Agreement as Chief of Human Resources/Labor Relations
  • Approved Amendment to Agreement with Anthem Blue Cross
  • Approved Grant Application to the California Department of Social Services, Child Care and Development Division
  • Approved Use of Individual Piggyback Contracts in 2021/22
  • Award of Bid 21-41, Duncan Polytechnical High School Career Technical Education Medical Science Building (pulled from agenda)
  • Approved Award of Bid 21-42, Sections A-C, Bullard, Edison and Sunnyside High Schools Athletic Field Improvements
  • Approved Award of Request for Proposals 21-36, Pest Control Services
  • Approved Naming of the Academic and Administration Center and Early Learning Center at the Francine and Murray Farber Educational Campus
  • Approved Proposed Revisions for Board Policies
  1. BP 1220.1 Student Advisory Board (NEW)*
  2. BP 1312.3 Uniform Complaint Procedures
  3. BP 3555 Nutrition Program Compliance
  4. BP 6159 Individualized Education Program
  5. BP 6159.2 Nonpublic, Nonsectarian School and Agency Services for Special Education
  6. BP 6174 Education for English Learners
  7. BP 6175 Migrant Education Program
  • Ratified Addendum to Agreement with Harvey Bradley, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services
  • Ratified Addendum to Agreement with The Stepping Stones Group
  • Ratified Change Orders for the Projects Listed Below
  1. Bid 20-19, Fresno High School Career Technical Education (CTE) Building Construction
  2. Bid 21-04, McLane High School New CTE Digital Media Arts Lab
  3. Bid 21-07, McLane High School Fire Alarm Upgrade
  4. Bid 21-10, Ewing Elementary School Early Learning Buildings and Parking Lot Improvements
  5. Bid 21-24, Columbia Elementary School Classroom Building Addition
  • Ratified Purchase Orders from February 01, 2021 through February 28, 2021
  • Ratified Purchase Orders from March 01, 2021 through March 31, 2021, and Zero Dollar Contracts

Next, the Board of Education discussed the below conference/discussion agenda items:

  • Discussed and Decided Student Voice Collaborative for the 2020/21 School Year
  • Discussed and Approved the 2021/22 School Plans for Student Achievement
  • Public Discussion of the California School Employees Association, Chapter 125 2021-2024 Initial Proposal to the Fresno Unified School District
  • Public Discussion Public Discussion of the California School Employees Association, Chapter 143, Food Service 2021-2024 Initial Proposal to the Fresno Unified School District
  • Public Discussion and Adopted of the Fresno Unified School District 2021-2024 Initial Proposal to the California School Employees Association, Chapter 125
  • Public Discussion and Adopted of the Fresno Unified School District 2021-2024 Initial Proposal to the California School Employees Association, Chapter 143, Food Service
  • Presented and Discussed Fresno Unified School District’s 2021/22 Local Control and Accountability Plan
  • Presented and Discussed Fresno Unified School District’s 2021/22 Proposed Budget and Education Protection Account   

Finally, the Board of Education received the following Information and Reports:

  • Received Proposed Revisions for Board Policies
  1. BP 0430 Comprehensive Local Plan for Special Education
  2. BP 5141.22 Infectious Diseases
  3. BP 5141.32 Health Screening for School Entry (DELETE) 
  4. BP 5142.2 Safe Routes to School/Program (NEW)
  5. BP 5142.2 Crossing Guards (DELETE)
  6. BP 6161.2 Overdue, Damaged or Lost Instructional Materials

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Education will be Wednesday, June 16, 2021. Complete minutes and agendas are available online at

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