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Fresno Unified School District Board of Education established a Constituent Services Office to respond to the needs of parents and community members. The Constituent Services office helps parents and community members to receive their requested information and guides them on the most effective route to address or resolve an issue. Fresno serves more than 73,000 students at 106 schools, and the Constituent Services Office helps to connect parents and community members with the information and resources to get the help they need swiftly. The Constituent Services Office can be reached at (559)  457-3736.


Main Office

Address: 2309 Tulare Street, Fresno, CA 93721
Phone: (559) 457-3736 
Email: Constituent.Services@fresnounified.org

Constituent Services Team

Administrative Secretary I
Email: Constituent.Services@fresnounified.org

Ivan Flores
Email: Ivan.Flores@fresnounified.org

Manager III
Email: Constituent.Services@fresnounified.org

Teresa Plascencia
Executive Director
Email: Teresa.Plascencia@fresnounified.org


Memo: Board Policies Updated From January-April 2023

Forms and Documents

Personnel Complaint Forms

  1. Personnel Complaint Form – English
  2. Personnel Complaint Form – Hmong
  3. Personnel Complaint Form – Spanish
  4. Fillable Personnel Complaint Form-English
  5. Fillable Personnel Complaint Form-Hmong
  6. Fillable Personnel Complaint Form-Spanish

Internal Employees Complaint Forms

  1. Internal Employees Complaint Form – English
  2. Internal Employees Complaint Form – Hmong
  3. Internal Employees Complaint Form – Spanish

Public Records

  1. Fillable Request for Public Records Form
  2. Request for Public Record Form

Annual Notification of the Uniform Complaint Procedures (UCP)

  1. UCP Annual Notice – English
  2. UCP Annual Notice – Hmong
  3. UCP Annual Notice – Spanish

Uniform Complaint Forms

  1. Uniform Complaint Form – English
  2. Uniform Complaint Form – Hmong
  3. Uniform Complaint Form – Spanish
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