The Fresno Unified School District Board of Education is elected by voters within Fresno Unified’s boundaries to oversee the district, including the establishment of policies and procedures and an annual budget. Board members are elected from seven areas within Fresno Unified School District and together govern a district of about 74,000 students and 10,000 employees.​​ School board elections are held during even-numbered years. 

NamePhotoEmailTerm ExpiresAreaLiaison
Veva Islas, PresidentEmail Veva Islas 20264Photo of Maria Sandoval
Maria Sandoval
(559) 260-8247
Susan Wittrup, Clerk
Email Susan Wittrup 2026

(559) 250-0991
Keshia Thomas
Email Keshia Thomas 20261
Jacqueline Cruz
(559) 284-1773


Elizabeth Jonasson RosasElizabeth Jonasson Rosas headshotEmail Elizabeth Jonasson-Rosas 20242
Valerie F. Davis
Email Valerie Davis 20263
Amy Xiong
(559) 349-1568
Andy Levine
Email Andy Levine 20245
Michele Rodriguez 
(559) 269-1504
Claudia Cazares
Email Claudia Cazares   20246
Jade Johannes
(559) 260-6074
, student board memberHigh School
, student board memberHigh School

, alternate student board member

High School
, alternate student board memberHigh School
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