The January 24, 2018 meeting of the Board of Education began with the following announcement out of Closed Session:

  • Ratified one classified employee for dismissal
  • Promoted Connie Cha to Director, Extended Learning and After School Programs

Next, the Color Guard from Duncan Polytechnical High School’s Air Force Junior ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps) led the Pledge of Allegiance.

The Board of Education recognized Duncan Polytechnical High School’s Air Force Junior ROTC Cadet Team.

The Board of Education adopted a resolution proclaiming the month of February 2018 as African American History Month.

Students Benton Johnson and Wilma Tsutsui from Fresno High School made a presentation to the board.  They thanked Trustee Mills for attending their SAB meeting and encouraging them to continue their Service Project Campaigns.  The students also congratulated Trustee Johnson for receiving the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. award.  The student shared some recent happenings at Fresno High School including the success of their BSU (Black Student Union) in the statewide Black Minds Matter Competition.  The team took 3rd place in California at the event last Saturday at Fresno State. The group is working hard on campus to promote fairness and equality and have many activities planned for students.  The students also held a winter sports rally called “Winter Wonderland” which honored sports teams, their Special Olympics team and Mock Trial team.  Seniors are completing their IB Assessments and all students are excited about the upcoming Winter Formal.  Students will also be holding a community clean-up day next Saturday.  Also, students from Fort Miller Middle School shared the activities they participate in, their future plans and why they love attending Fort Miller.

Next, Superintendent Nelson provided a brief report to the Board of Education including:

  • Congratulating Mychal and Erick Kendricks for their fantastic job playing on opposing teams in this past Sunday’s NFC Championship game.  It’s great to see Hoover graduates succeeding and living their dreams.  Former and current coaches were interviewed in an NFL Network video story about the Kendricks’ brothers and their mother, Yvonne, who used to work the snack bar at games. 
  • The district is continuing to expand Career Technical Education opportunities for students.  Tonight, the board votes to approve the bid contract for new facilities at Duncan Polytechnical High School.  The Heavy Truck project will help modernize current CTE facilities on campus as well as provide a state-of-the-art building dedicated to heavy truck maintenance and repair.  Duncan will also expand current welding and manufacturing classrooms.  The updates and new facilities are a long time coming.
  • Nelson had the opportunity to speak at several events last week in celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr., whose words have laid the groundwork for many great civil rights leaders who followed, including Fred Korematsu.  In 1942, when he was just 23 years old, Korematsu refused to go to the government’s incarceration camps for Japanese Americans during World War II.  Korematsu appealed his arrest and conviction all the way to the Supreme Court with his case ultimately overturned after documents revealed Japanese Americans had not committed any acts of treason to justify their mass incarceration.  Korematsu’s and Dr. King’s legacy continue to provide valuable civic lessons for our students.  You can see students’ artwork as part of the McLane Art Venture project about the Japanese Interment on the second floor of the Education Center.  Nelson then showed pictures of the students’ art projects when they were displayed at M Street Art complex.
  • Providing an update to the district’s African-American acceleration efforts.  The district is currently collaborating with WestEd to develop a community task force and action plan for students. District leaders will meet with WestEd next week to discuss next steps and address the district’s and board’s initiatives and goals for students.  Nelson stated that Fresno Unified is determined to increase the rate of achievement growth and outcomes for African American Children.  On February 13, Fresno Unified will host its first Black College Expo at Fresno High School, drawing more than 25 of the country’s top black colleges and universities. Many schools will be accepting students for admission on the spot and providing financial scholarships.

The Board of Education took the following actions on the below consent agenda items:

  • Approved personnel list
  • Adopted findings of fact and recommendations of the District Administrative Board
  • Approved minutes from October 11, 2017 meeting.  Moved review of minutes from the October 20, 2017 Special Meeting to the next board meeting.
  • Approved independent contractor services agreements to support First 5 Fresno County Unified Framework for Success grant project
  • Approved amendment to Adult Transition Program Exchange Agreement with Fresno County Special Education Local Plan Area
  • Approved 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant application to the California Department of Education – Fresno County Superintendent of Schools
  • Approved 21st Century Grant Renewal Application to the California Department of Education by the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools
  • Approved grant applications to the California Department of Education for the 21st Century High School After School Safety and Enrichment for Teens Program
  • Approved the adoption of Resolution HR 17-37 Speech Language Pathologist Assistant (SLPA) Position, Job Description, Designation as Classified, non-exempt
  • Approved award of Bid 18-13, Duncan Polytechnical High School Career Technical Education (CTE) Center Building Construction, and Alterations to Existing Shop Building
    • Soltek Pacific Construction Company (Fresno, CA) $8,665,000
  • Approved award of Bid 18-14, Addams Elementary School Portable Relocation and Infrastructure
  • Approved extension of Hanover Research independent contractor services agreement
  • Approved independent contractor services agreement with the Fresno Southeast Asian Coalition for Action
  • Ratified Master Contract with Logan River Academy, LLC for Nonpublic School and Residential Placement
  • Ratified change orders for the projects listed below (Trustee Ashjian abstained pursuant to Board Bylaw 9270):
    • Bid 16-18, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Fueling Conversion 2016 Row 2
    • Bid 17-30, Design Science High School Portable Campus Addition
    • Bid 17-39, 2017 Summer Portable Relocation and Infrastructure
    • Bid 17-42, Adult Transition Program (ATP) Portable Classroom Relocation

Next, staff made presentations to the Board in the conference/discussion section of the agenda as follows:

  • Presented and discussed overview of Governor’s 2018/19 Proposed Budget

The Board of Education received the proposed Academic Calendars for 2018/19 and 2019/20.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Education is Wednesday, February 7, 2018 at the Fresno Unified Education Center, located at 2309 Tulare St. in Fresno. Complete minutes and agendas are available online at

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