The August 7 meeting of the Board of Education began with the following announcements out of Closed Session:

  • The Board promoted Samuel Martinez from manager II K-6 to Director, Instructional Services
  • The Board promoted Edward Collins from Business Operations Manager to Executive Director, Purchasing
  • The Board voted unanimously to initiate litigation to seek expressed indemnity against California Teaching Fellows Foundation

Next, Sandra Toscano, Assistant Superintendent, English Learners Program and Services led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Next, Superintendent Nelson provided a brief report to the Board of Education including:

  • Highlighting that the school year as unofficially started with teachers and many school site staff returning to campus to begin professional learning. We are setting the tone for a successful new school year, focusing on high expectations for academic learning, helping build positive mindsets for our youth, and modeling the art of resiliency. These are not simple tasks and I am extremely grateful for all the work that was done during the summer to ensure we’re addressing the challenges facing our community, our schools and the families we serve.
  • Nelson also shared that racial tensions sparked at the end of last school year with a social media that went viral. The video by a young high school student forced us all to recognize there is much more to be done, even for adults, if we are to understand oppression, hate, and mistreatment. This can be said for every nationality and cultures represented in our great city. As a result:
    • A new Bullard African American Parent Advisory Board was launched.
    • Members of our district restorative team conducted more than a dozen restorative sessions.
    • The students at the forefront of this provided valuable learning to other students.
    • Principal Alvarado has been sitting down with student groups to conduct similar meetings as students engage in larger conversations about the cultural change they would like to see on campus.
    • Students, parents and the Bullard leadership team have share what are they doing to move forward with their message of “Better Together”
    • Bullard leadership students are kicking off the school year with an awareness campaign focused on kindness and treating one another with respect and compassion.
  • Next, Superintendent shared that for all the hurt this event created, it has provided an unforeseen opportunity for both student and adult learning and we are taking full advantage of the opportunity to educate. Each one of us in this community has the power to positively impact our youth but we need to remember to move toward difficult conversations and challenges instead of looking away from them.
  • Nelson also shared the recent SBAC assessments results. We had four years of academic growth both in English language arts and math: 10.5% growth in ELA and 11.7% growth in math. While we remain behind the state, the positive and steady trajectory reinforces that we are moving the needle and doing the right work on behalf of our kids.
  • Next, Superintendent congratulated Parent University, which will be celebrating its 10th year anniversary Friday, August 9 with a special family event at the Chukchansi Park. Parent U has served more than 52,000 Fresno Unified families over the past decade, helping parents understand the dynamics of the education system and how to advocate for their students.
  • Lastly, Superintendent shared that this summer, many of Fresno Unified employees were hard at work providing for our students. Thank you all that made summer learning possible – from our traditional summer school programs to opening libraries to those engaged in our African American literacy program. Thank you to our employees preparing and serving approximately 188,000 free meals. Staff also worked and supported our partnership with the City of Fresno as we again opened and maintained six high school pools. Throughout the summer, crews have been busy with a long list of summer projects, including construction modernization projects:
    • McLane pool is underway, and the new turf football field is nearly complete
    • Slater Elementary has new kindergarten and two classroom buildings, the final site improvements in a 1 ½ year project that also includes a new campus entrance, new play courts and renovated field areas.
    • Design Science Middle College High School has relocated to classrooms on the Fresno City College campus.
    • A new Phoenix Secondary campus is underway and should be ready in early 2020.
  • Superintendent then directed audience to the screen to show a video highlighting some of the valuable summer work that took place while we were away.

Next, the Board of Education took the following action on the below consent agenda items:

  • Approved Personnel List
  • Adopted Findings of Fact and Recommendations of the District Administrative Board
  • Approved Minutes from Prior Meeting
  • Adopted Resolution 19-02, Requesting Renewal of Exemption from the Definition of School Building for J. E. Young Academic Center and Fulton Special Education Program
  • Adopted Resolutions Delineating Authorized District Agents on Behalf of Fresno Unified School District
  • Adopted Resolution 19-15 Authorizing the Superintendent of Designee to Enter into Funding Agreement with the California State Water Resources Control Board for the Student Access Drinking Water Project
  • Adopted Resolution HR 19-16 Agreement to Allow Teaching Out of Credentialed Area
  • Adopted Variable Term Waiver for Bilingual, Cross Cultural, Language and Academics Development Authorization
  • Adopted Variable Term Waiver for Career Technical Education Credential Holders
  • Approved Addendum to Independent Contractor Services Agreement with Advanced Medical Personnel Inc.
  • Approve Agreement with Fresno County Superintendent of Schools California Statewide Early Math Initiative.
  • Approved Annual Agreements for the 2019/20 School Year
  • Award of Bid 19-53, Bullard High School Student Support Office Improvements (Item pulled from agenda)
  • Approved Award of Request for Proposals 19-24, Musical Instruments
  • Approved Budget Revision No. 1 for Fiscal Year 2019/20
  • Approved Provisional Internship Permits
  • Approved Renewal Agreement with Kroll Information Assurance
  • Approved Renewal Amendment to Agreement with Standard Life Insurance Company
  • Ratified Change Order for the Project Listed Below
    • Bid 19-12, Brawley Service Center Parking Improvements
  • Ratified the Filing of Notices of Completion
    • Bid 18-25, Roosevelt High School Construction of New Aquatic Complex
    • Bid 18-41 Section B, Roosevelt High School Athletic Field Improvement
    • Bid 19-06, Installation of District Security Video System at Various Elementary Schools- Phase 1B: Anthony, Easterby, Homan, Muir, Pyle, Starr, Webster and Wolters
    • Bid 19-12, Brawley Service Center Parking Improvements
  • Ratified K-12 Strong Workforce Agreement with State Center Community College District
  • Ratified Purchase Orders from April 1, 2019 through April 30, 2019 – Primary Report (Trustee Elizabeth Jonasson Rosas abstained pursuant board Bylaw 9270)
  • Ratified Purchase Orders from April 1, 2019 through April 30, 2019 – Supplemental Report (Board Clerk Carol Mills abstained pursuant board Bylaw 9270)
  • Ratified Side Letter Agreement with Edison-Bethune Charter School

Next, the Board of Education discussed and took action on the below conference/discussion agenda items:

  • Discussed Update on Fresno Unified Coding Clubs, Tournament of Technology and High School Robotics Clubs
  • Discussed and Adopted Resolution to Censure Trustee Major Terry Slatic

​The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Education is Wednesday, August 21, 2019 at the Fresno Unified Education Center, located at 2309 Tulare Street in Fresno. Complete minutes and agendas are available online at

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